Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Cleaning

I have come to the new realization that Spring is my favorite season. I have always believed it was Fall. And as much as I love the Fall, Spring is when I seem to come alive and feel regenerated.

My house is finally coming together. I have purchased my new couch, bench, chair and ottoman and I just purchased my new rug! Next on the list is a new entertainment center and curtains. I will probably add a few new plants as well.

For Spring Cleaning, I considered making a list and crossing it out as I get things done, but instead of making a list and possibly being overwhelmed by what I know I need to get done, I am doing things as they come to mind and making a list of what I have done. On Sunday I cleaned out my refrigerator inside and out and even behind. I still need to clean off the top.

Are you Spring Cleaning? What projects have you done so far or have plans on tackling?

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  1. I've had our housekeeper scrub the wall trim, blinds, and walls.


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