Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Past School Week

One of the reasons that I originally started a blog was to keep up with what the children and I were doing in school from week to week. I have read several blogs lately with Mothers that do just that so I have been inspired to get on task!

We are still working on Lesson 3 which deals with the character trait "Alertness."

This week in Math we learned about the number 9 in the Bible, and answered these questions:
When is the word 9 first used in the Bible?
What is the 9th commandment?
What parable did Christ tell about the 99?
What did Jesus cry at the 9th hour?
Who were the 9 persons stones in the Bible?
Who were the 9 widows mentioned in the Bible?
Who were the 9 people afflicted with blindness?
What 9 people were afflicted with leprosy in the Old Testament?

Math-U-See: Jasmine took Delta test #24 and scored 100%

In Science/Nature we are studying stars and constellations. Some of the things we learned include the fact that there are stars that are larger in diameter than the distance from the earth to the sun (93 million miles). When pondering upon this fact, the song my God is so Big takes on a whole new meaning.

We learned about the different colors of stars and how they are indicative of the temperature. We discussed how colors can be related to the spiritual life, e.g. red can symbolize the blood of sacrifice. Yellow can remind us of gold tried in the fire, etc...

During our outside time we discovered some frog hopper bubbles and spent a little time learning about them.

We worked on putting our garden together which is almost done. Now if I could just find those seeds... (sigh)

I'm glad I took the time to write this out. I didn't feel like we had accomplished much this week, but we didn't do so shabby. :-)


  1. I have never heard of a frog hopper before, how interesting! We underestimate ourselves sometimes with schoolwork-- it really helps to see it in writing.

  2. Sounds like you had a great week!

  3. Ok you have convinced me, Maybe I should start writting everything down, then I won't feel like these last few weeks are so long and daunting

  4. Not shabby at all. I love the way you infuse the academic and spiritual lessons. I taking the idea with the 9s. Loves it! We're a Math-u-See family as well.

  5. Ann, I had never heard of one either. It was daughter that pointed it out. She had read about them in her Ranger Rick magazine. I am thouroughly convinced that what they read makes a difference!

    Kysha, We most certainly did. :-)

    Mama, You will be amazed when you write it all down. There are so many things that are "school". My goal has been to make our life a school so that even on the days that we don't "have school" we are still learning.

    Lakisa, I believe it's impossible to separate the spiritual from life. Math-U-See is the best!


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