Friday, May 30, 2008

Nature Study Blog

I have been thinking of some ways to incorporate more nature study into our days. I find that schooling straight through just does not work for us. We do much better if we do a subject or two and then go outside for a bit; even if it is just for fifteen minutes. I'm not sure how I found this Nature Study Blog, I'm pretty sure that I have even seen this banner on some of the sites of my "blogfriends" but I absolutely love it and plan on getting started this weekend with the first project.
My chidren have been observing more just on their own (noticing sunflowers as we drive, spotting new birds). We went to a garden center once and met a lady that talked about finding caterpillars on milkweed. Ever since then my daughter has been looking for milkweed and caterpillars. We may just soon find one!
Do you spend a lot of time in nature? Can you identify the birds in your backyard? How about flowers?


  1. I love that blog too! That's one of the things I love about blogs, you can get great homeschool ideas for free!

  2. Ann,

    Isn't it great? I signed up for the RSS feed so I don't miss anything!


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