Monday, June 2, 2008

Garden Update

It seems like we have been working on getting our garden going for years. (sigh) I still don't have much to show for it. After reading challenge #16 from the Handbook of Nature Study, I went and bought some sunflower seeds and potting soil. We plan to plant them today after I finish working. We also bought some pansies, dahlias, and nasturtiums.

I'm still hoping to plant something in the garden before it is just absolutely too late, (the Texas heat is on it's way) so we bought some rosemary, basil, peas, eggplant, carrots and sage. My daughter suggested that we not do the seedlings, but that we just put them in the box. We may do both and record which set does better. Sounds like science class to me!

Also I think I realized why I have been so hesitant to get my garden started. The square foot gardening method talks about the importance of compost in your garden. I don't think I really want a composter! I am extremely sensitive to smells and I just can't imagine having this decomposing food in my back yard. I do have a space on the side of the house where no one ever goes that I could put it.

Do you have a compost? Did you build it? Does it smell? Is there a certain kind that you can buy that doesn't? Do you have problems with fruit flies or rodents or whatever???

wanna be gardener :)


  1. Yeah for gardening! I just now posted a blog about our garden also. I'm quite new at it, but am learning as I go. Such a lot of time and effort spent on challenges, but the rewards are wonderful, aren't they?!

  2. Our compost bin sits in one of my fenced garden areas so I don't have to move the compost far. I'm a lazy composter. We put lawn and garden waste in there, some kitchen scraps(when I'm not lazy) and the bedding from the chicken coop. I usually pile it high all year and then the heat of summer really breaks it down and it's ready next spring. I haven't had any problems with flies or smells. I took a few pictures of my compost bin, I'll try to post about it soon.

  3. Amy,

    I love the object lessons of gardening and seeing the fruits of my labor. I look forward to the joy this one will bring.


    I really want to get started on that. Especially since it will be fall before you know it.


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