Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wordkeeping Update-Final Day

Today is the 21st Day of the Wordkeeping journey. The object of the 21 days was to "prompterize" 200 scriptures; 10 scriptures a day and then a final review on the last day. Of the 200 scriptures, I am able to say a little more than 100 of them with the prompts. I did very well the first couple of days and then I got behind and spent a few days playing catchup. Instead of trying to play catchup, I probably should have just jumped in where I was. There is something very phsycologically devastating about being behind and having to catch up!

My 10 year old, who only participated for a few days was able to say 50 of the texts using the prompts. Wow! So this is definitely a method that I will be using for her and encouraging her to use on her own in her personal devotion time.

Just so you understand the idea of what prompterizing is, I will include a few texts below with the prompts. You use the first letter of each word to help commit the scripture to memory. If you can say the scripture, just by looking at the letters, then you have it "prompterized". The ultimate goal is to be able to say it from memory and know where it is found.

Gen 1:1 ItbGcthate
In the beginning god created the heaven and the earth

Numbers 6:24 TLbt, akt
The Lord bless thee and keep thee

I must say that the first day or two was a little challenging trying to get my brain to look at these letters and form words, but once my brain "caught on" it was a sheer delight.

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  1. Wow, that makes sense! We are trying to memorize more scripture as welll, I'm going to look into wordkeeping a bit more.


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