Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beauty Shop

This morning I took Jasmine to get her hair washed and conditioned. I'm hoping that she will fall in love with the texture of her hair and never perm it. I wish I had never permed mine and am trying to build up the courage to grow it out. It's been 6 weeks. Let's see if I can make it to 12!

The first time I took Jasmine to the beauty shop, she got her hair washed and flat ironed. Of course I forgot to take my camera. I had it all ready for today's visit and left it on the counter! So I took some pictures when I got home. I love this little style for her. It's braided in the front and
afro puffs in the back. She loves it!!

Christopher wanted to join in the fun as well.


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  2. Hi Yolanda! That's a lovely 'do' on Jasmine! Not to worry, there is hope for you yet. I felt apprehensive when I was growing my hair out too, but success is sweet. Hang in there. :D

  3. Tell Jasmine that her hair is lovely, and that smile of hers just sparkles! Christopher too!

    I forgot to get the names of those natural hair books from my sister. I forgot to ask her when she got back from Madagascar. I'll talk with her tomorrow.

  4. Hi Yolanda,

    Jasmine always looks so happy in the pics you post.

    At our house, we (Mom, 10yo dd and 6yo dd) are all natural hair girls too.

  5. Your daughter has gorgeous hair! That is just the cutest style! I finally took the plunge and went natural. I let my hair grow for almost a year, no perm. I kept it braided or pressed and I cut it little by little. I finally just got tired of the two textures and just cut all the rest of the relaxer off. It's been two years, I think, and I love it. The way my hair feels and the texture. I really like it - especially how much healthier it is.

  6. Hi Rosheeda, thanks for stopping by. Congratulations on going natural! It's been 9 weeks for me now and I'm doing better than I thought I ever would.


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