Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Toadally Exciting Morning

I went to the backyard this morning to water my newly sprouting garden vegetables and flowers we planted. I picked up my daughters watering can, went over to the water spout and just as I was lining the can up with the spicket, I noticed a toad inside. I immediately threw the can down and ran. Talk about being caught off guard.

I called for the children, knowing that they would be excited. They came and peeked inside the watering can and then headed straight for the garage to get the small fish aquarium. My daughter asked me if I would take him out of the watering can and put him in the aquarium. Ha! I don't think so. I suggested that she take the watering can and flip it upside down onto the aquarium so he can fall into it.

The toad had flattened himself, something we learned they do when frightened, and was stuck pretty nicely to the side of it. I suggested that she tap the can a few times and sure enough he fell right into the aquarium. She put the top on and put a little water into it through the hole in the top.

I opened the Handbook of Nature Study and asked a few questions about our new friend "Toady". Here are some of the answers the children gave:

What does his back look like?
Striped and bumpy (Jasmine)
He has a line going down his back and then there are lines that go across it. (Christopher)

What do his eyes look like?
His iris is orangish brown and his pupil is black.
His eyes are big and they pop out and they curve like this (using his finger to make an elliptical shape round his eyes)
Do you think he can see in front, above and behind all at the same time?
His eyes are at the top of his head so I believe he can see in front, behind and above at the same time
I think he can see a lot of different ways at the same time.

How does he blink?
He blinks like us

What do his nostrils look like?
They look like little tiny holes.

What do his ears look like?
Little round circles behind his eyes

What does his mouth look like?
A rounded triangle

What do his arms look like?
His arms are short, he has four fingers and he moves in a crouching position. His hind legs are large to help him jump.
As you can see we had a very busy morning. The kids and I learned a lot about toads and are excited about what discoveries lie ahead for this summer. Any new discoveries in your backyard lately?


  1. I've had a few toad surprises lately myself. Kinda shocking when the rock you are getting ready to kick out of the way jumps off on it's own!

    Sounds like a fun morning.

  2. Nature study right in your own backyard! How fun!

  3. Yolanda,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the ::highly anticipated:: info on linking.

    Also, I love your blog! I am so glad to find like-minded brown-skinned mamas! My dad lives in San Antonio, how far is that from you?

  4. Ann, It was a wonderfully fun morning; the kind of morning that makes me proud to be a homeschool Mom.

    Bridget, you're welcome. SA is about 2 hours from me.


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