Sunday, August 3, 2008

30 Days to Connect with Jesus has added some new programs to its list, one of which is 30 Days to Connect with Jesus. I signed up to begin this program on August 1st. On yesterday, I received some questions for thought that I would like to share:

1. Do I honestly believe that God really loves me?

2. How do I give evidence in my life that I appreciate God’s love for me, and that I love Him in return?

3. Do I acknowledge God’s handiwork in nature, and do I let it tell me of His love for me?

4. What can I do to be more tuned to nature, listening to God’s voice in the natural world?

5. Do others see Jesus in my behavior toward them?

6. If the person closest to me shared their honest opinion of me, would they describe me as a loving, unselfish person?

7. Do I frequently think about what Jesus has done for me?

8. Do I realize how much my sins hurt Him, so that it breaks my heart?

9. Do I sense Him lovingly calling me to come to Him?

10. Do I feel my heart responding in love for Him?

Part of the e-mail says " Search your heart for your genuine beliefs. Go deep, and be brutally honest, and let your heart be broken in complete surrender to God. If you find that your answers don’t measure up to what is pleasing to God, ask Him to change your heart, so that you can be in harmony with Him. Each question can be turned into a prayer for God to make it a reality in your life."

I challenge you to do the same. May God richly bless you and may you be encouraged as you continue to live for Him.

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