Thursday, September 4, 2008

Preparation For This Weekend's Crochet Class

I am just about finished with all my preparations for this weekend's crochet class. We will be making this newborn hat. The pattern can be found here.

This particular hat pattern uses a size G hook, so I drove all over town finding hooks for everyone in the class. I ordered 20 online for the next crochet class so I don't have to run all over town trying to find them next time! @-) Here's all the supplies we will be using:I made folders for each person in the class. The folder includes a cover page which has the title, purpose and scripture on it (Knitting Hearts-Binding hearts together, one stitch at a time;

A reference page for all the stitches we will be learning
A copy of the pattern we will be making

plus another pattern that they can make later.

And a reference sheet that includes all the abbreviations for crocheting

I started making yarn balls for each person in the class. The skeins of baby yarn that I purchased were 6 oz. Each and the hats we are making only take about a 1/2 oz of yarn each. I figured 3 oz. of yarn for each person would be more than plenty to make a couple of hats and pom poms to match. Great idea right? Until I started making them. Whew!
#:-S Who knew they were so much work?? So needless to say, I ordered a yarn baller for the next batch!

For the class, we will learn:
How to tie a slip knot to attach the yarn to the hook
How to make a chain
Single Crochet
Double Crochet
Half Double Crochet
How to read a pattern
How to make a newborn hat
And then we will use the remainder of the class to actually make the hat. I've got 20 people signed up so, we'll see how many actually show up. I've got a little nervous excitement going on!

My goal is to have them finish most of the hat in the class. People are more likely to continue on with a craft once they can see the fruit of their labor.

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  1. wow! I hope it all goes really well. I have a goal to learn how to knit, seems so relaxing.


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