Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This Weekend's Crochet Class

In my last post, I talked about the preparation's for Sunday's crochet class. Close to 30 people showed up for the class. I was a bit overwhelmed with the positive response. When I initially had the idea for doing the class, I thought that I would have about 5 people, 10 at the most. God kept impressing my heart to prepare for 30 and so I'm glad I listened!

The four hours for the class was definitely not too much time. It was just right. There were some students who were actually able to complete a hat (which was my original goal) and some students who were still trying to perfect their hold of the hook and yarn. A couple of students became completely frustrated and left.

For the next class. I need to give a little more time and have a few more suggestions on how to hold the yarn. I also had two lefties, so I need to review some video of how to crochet left handed. My Mom is left handed, but she only writes and eats with her left hand. It's almost weird to say she's left handed since she bowls, irons, cooks, plays tennis, etc... with her right hand.

At any rate, at this point, I'm trying to decide what to do for the next class. The class is supposed to be once a month. I had a few people ask me if I would be willing to hold another class this week to help them one on one. So I will probably be back next week holding a tutorial class.

I am looking forward to the fellowship and excitement of the next class.

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