Sunday, October 19, 2008

Feeling the Fall Fever

I love to decorate with pumpkins and this year decided that I would add a bale of hay to the mix. As I thought about it, I realized I had no idea where to find a bale of hay, so off to one of the local farm supply stores to see if they had any on head. Wouldn't you know it. They had a whole truck load!

My front porch area is small I only got one to start with. I was hoping to set it up diagonally but then it blocks the door. Oh well. I guess I will work with what I have.

One thing I love about fall is the great recipes that seem to go with it. While looking for a recipe for Pumpkin Bread I found a recipe for Double-Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake. I sure do hope it taste as good as it looks!

Have you gotten your menu together for Thanksgiving? Are you Christmas shopping yet? What special traditions do you have?


  1. Yolanda,
    I love the autumn look at your front door. I'll have to share our store's front door and the inside. It's actually reminds me of the autumn days in Maine. (now we live in Vegas)
    I'll have to share the photos at our blog.
    You have a terrific time.

  2. Lovely entrance to your home...Nope, have not even thought about Thanksgiving menu plans yet, though I've done a bit of shopping online for Christmas! (thanks for the prayers for Josiah).

  3. You are making me so hungry with that recipe. LOL

    My dh loves my pumpkin pie. He's a sweet potato pie convert now. Ha! It's my Mom's fav to do during the holidays and she passed the tradition down to me. I need to make my Thanksgiving menu out now but I can't keep up with my weekly menus. LOL!

  4. Rona, I would love to visit Maine. I have never been that far North.

    Daniele, your welcome. Glad he is better.

    Kysha, I really, really do NOT like menu planning. I realize that is does make life easier though and so I'm trying to form the habit. I feel your pain!! :)


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