Thursday, December 11, 2008

Field Trip to Whole Food and Ice Skating

Today we took a trip to Whole Foods with the homeschool group. One of the first things we saw was these gorgeous apples. We made our way through the seafood department,And even got to see a man making fresh sausage. The store was festively decorated. This gingerbread house was one of our favorites. Another thing the kids enjoyed was this lady dipping items in chocolate. It takes $500 worth of chocolate to operate the machine she was using.

When we got to the deli section, we saw a woman making sushi rolls. We each got to sample one.
After the tour came the best part-Ice skating on the roof! The kids had a blast.

And I held on for dear life!
I did manage to come off of the while for a bit and actually enjoy the feeling of the ice skating. We had a fabulous time. Ice skating is something I plan to add to our list of activities. I look forward to it when it is over 100 degrees outside!


  1. Look at you ice skating! I haven't done that in years. I'm not a very good ice skater, but I can scrape along. Sounds like a fun day.

  2. I remember our San Diego homeschool group going ice skating every December. Marcus and I then had lunch at Great Khans. We would eat outside. Man, was that a fun day!
    Whole Foods is a terrific store. We have 2 stores in our local area. They always have them beautifully deocrated and offer a quality product.

  3. We went to Wholefoods Monday after a field trip to Zack Scott. Love the Gingerbread house the detail was amazing. It was too cold for us to go ice skating.


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