Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Field Trip to the Farm Supply Store

Today the kids and I went on a field trip to the farm supply store. We really only went to buy bird food for the Great Backyard Bird Count, but when you homeschool, all random outings become field trips. :)

My children have fallen in love with the baby chicks and spent most of their time playing with them.

This visit they begged me to bring a bunny home. I rather prefer the idea of visiting them at the store. :)The nicest surprise of all was the ferrets. One of the employees opened the cage and let them hold of few of them.
Christopher had a great time riding the John Deere and running into customers. :)


  1. We were at the farm store just a few days ago and the bunnies were sooo cute! I'm with you, I prefer the idea of visits with bunnies AT the farm store!

  2. their pictures are so cute & it looks like they had such fun! just stopping in to say hello again.

  3. They look so cute!

  4. Love the pictures of the kiddies with furry friends ;o) Yolanda, I left a blog award on my blog for you.


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