Tuesday, January 20, 2009

MLK/Inauguration Day

Yesterday I attended the MLK festivities at the Austin Capitol. My good friend George Powell sang "A Change is Gonna Come " by Sam Cooke. He sang like I've never heard him sing before, sharing through his song that he too is ready to experience the change that is coming soon.

We all felt it. The keynote speaker echoed the words of Barack Obama and encouraged us to be that change that we all long for. Her words were powerful and piercing as she spoke of things such as spending habits and "sexual choices" and education-changes that no president or any other person could ever make for us.

I remember the day Barack Obama was elected to the Senate. I watched as the confetti dropped. He stood on the stage with his beautiful wife and two daughters. I knew then that there was something about him. He stood out that night, the same way he stands out today.

As I reflect on this monumental day in history, I can't help but ask myself what spiritual parallels it has for me and for this country.

"And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding:" (Daniel 2:21)

A change has come to America. Barack Obama stands upon the backs of many who fought tirelessly for the rights of equality. What is happening to day is not by chance. This journey of Obama is paved by the many mornings his mother got up early to spend time with him and to make sure his homework was done. It is paved by the years he spent at Junior College. It is paved by the tireless night he spent working on his degree, then off to law school-paved by the many hours he has spent giving back to his community. He worked hard and then his preparation met opportunity. And have you noticed that there have been no allegations of sexual impurity or marital infidelity toward he or his wife. What a witness!!!!

How does this relate spiritually? Think of Esther in the King's Court. Her preparation did not begin when she got to the palace. She was an obedient child, raised by her godly uncle. Think of Daniel who "purposed in his heart" that he would not defile himself with the king's portion.

And our Perfect Example, Jesus Christ, who was entrusted to godly parents, had great work ethic and got up early in the morning before dawn for prayer and meditation.

The moral of the story is that to be ready to meet opportunity, we must be prepared. In the story of the then virgins, five were wise and five were foolish. What separated them? The five wise were prepared.

Somewhere in Barack's life, he purposed that he would be different. As Christians, as American citizens, somewhere in our lives we must purpose in our heart to be different. -I encourage each one of us to accept the challenge to be the change that we so earnestly desire.

Looking to the hills, (Psalm 121:1)


  1. What an inspiring post! I want to be better after reading it. And yes, I did notice that there are no allegation of infidelity. That is a witness! Have a great Sabbath.


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