Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Youth Congress

Hello all, Life has been busy as usual. This past weekend we were in Baton, Rouge Louisiana for a fabulous Youth Congress. This year's theme was, I am Generation S: Let Your Light So Shine (Matthew 5:16)

We arrived on Thursday evening. The original plan was to be there in the afternoon in time to participate in the community outreach, but we left an hour behind schedule and a trip that should have taken 7 hours took 10! We wound up missing the community outreach and our scheduled dinner as well.

On Friday afternoon we were blessed by Dr. Rupert Bushner who is in charge of Spiritual Life at Oakwood University and I attended both a Communication class and a CPR class that will go towards my Master Guide training.

Friday night was the best night of all. The Youth from my church performed a powerful skit that had the whole house on their feet and Dr. Bushner brought the Word! He talked about how the sun is the greater light with the moon being the lesser light and how we are moons needing light from the Son of Man. When their are thing blocking the path of light to us (lunar eclipse), we become dim and are not able to shine for God. What an encouragement to remove all obstacles and shine for Jesus!

What I loved most about his sermon is his admonishment to not try to forsake the sins that so easily beset us, but to just spend time with Jesus walking with Him. By beholding we become changed. He referred to Enoch and how he walked with God until he "was not"(Genesis 5:24), and encouraged us all to be "was nots"!

What a Spirit filled weekend it was. I have made it back safely and positioning myself to become a was not!

Be Blessed,


  1. Sounds like a really great weekend where everyone got something from it~adults AND kids!

  2. I'm glad you were blessed! I was not able to go this time, several families from our church were able to go, however.

    I'm working on my master guide training as well. It would be nice to be done by Oshkosh and be invested there, I have a few more things to complete.

  3. Hey, I forgot to mention--Congrats on Bible Bowl! My kids found your pic in the Record!


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