Thursday, March 26, 2009

Neighbor to the rescue

Yesterday I was outside looking at my yard and feeling bad over how pitiful it looked. I surveyed the front yard, trying to visualize what I might want it to look like. As I was visualizing, I thought of my neighbor down the street whose yard always looks so nice.

I took a stroll down to the mailbox and the same neighbor that I was thinking about was just getting home from work. I walked up to her truck and asked her a few questions about her yard and how she keeps it looking so nice. She actually doesn't even think it looks nice!

At any rate, I asked her about some of her plants and she was gracious enough to give me one! She told me several times what it's called and of course I don't remember. So if anybody recongnizes it, please let me know!

Update: I remember now that the plant is called a Hosta!


  1. oh, those are the best kinds of gifts! Sorry, can't help you with the plant name, I'm not good at that, LOL!

  2. Your hosta is beautiful! I love them --- they adore shade, but I grow them in the sunshine too. There are other varieties of hosta as well --- some have varigated leaves. It will look beautiful in your front yard!


  3. What a beautiful gift. You're such a lucky person to have great neighbors. It's been a long time since we've had that experience.


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