Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Cleaning from the Spiritual Point of View

For the past couple of months I have been having the urge to purge and do some deep cleaning. Many call it Spring Cleaning and from watching nature from the animals mate and build nests and the budding of the grass and flowers, I would dare say that there is something that God has placed in us that makes us feel alive this time of year and give us the urge to do a deep cleansing.

Today I decided to tackle my Master Bedroom Closet. It looked fairly organized when I started, but after pulling things off of the shelves, and rearranging clothes (putting Winter ones away and taking out Spring/Summer ones) the closet and my bedroom looked and absolute mess. Now of course when I drop off the Goodwill bag, throw out all the trash bags and neatly put everything else away, I will see that my efforts have been worth it.

What's the spiritual lesson here? Look at your life as a closet. When the seasons of our life change, God comes in and pulls stuff out, throws stuff away, and then rearranges what left (if there is anything left!). Sometimes when we go through this process, our lives look a mess, it looks like nothing is going right and it looks like only the worthless things are showing.

But when God is done (and I say that symbolically speaking since I believe His work on us goes forever) we can see clearly a well ordered life-one that speaks highly of the order of God.

So if your life is a mess, don't fret. God is in the cleaning business!!


  1. I read this a few weeks ago and came back to read it again tonight. I especially appreciate these thoughts now that I realize that God is in the midst of a "cleaning project" with me!

  2. Becca, Thanks!

    Ann, I often think of how my house may look fairly clean, but please don't go in the rooms! God wants our whole person spotless!


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