Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Firstborn is 12!

Yesterday my daughter turned 12. I can't believe that it's been 12 years since I was living in San Jose with no family close to me.For her birthday we went shopping for a new outfit and shoes and then she was supposed to meet a friend later that afternoon for a pedicure. I told the friend's Mom to meet us at Claire's since she didn't know exactly where the nail shop was and the girls seemed to be having so much fun that we decided to just shop there instead. Above is a picture of the girls trying on the feathery boas.

After hanging out at Claire's for a while we went to Petland. The guy at the store said we could play with a puppy so Jasmine chose a Chiuaua. I have never seen a puppy with so much energy. She never stopped. She just ran around the little cubicle the whole time gnawing on feet and chewing shoes and just darting from one end to the other or running in circles. I was exhausted just watching her. :)

Next we played with a Yorkshire Terrier. This dog was very relaxed and much more my speed.


  1. Oh, birthdays are such a wonderful time! Happy Birthday to your girl!! Sounds like she enjoyed her day.


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