Friday, January 22, 2010

Quilts for Disaster Relief

At my church we meet every 3rd Sunday to work on quilting. Our newest project is to make several quilts to have on hand when disaster strikes. This week we worked on two quilts. The lady in charge, Ms. Hazel, cut out squares and we ( another lady and I) picked colors to go together so we could lay them out.

After we lay the quilt out, we number each column and then stack the pieces to prepare them for sewing. The columns are sewn together in strips and then the strips are sewn together to create a quilt top.

We were able to mostly finish one quilt top and will work on more next month. Who knew that fabric could bring so much joy. :)


  1. That is cool! Then you get some wholesome social life on top of doing something for others!

  2. That's really cool that you ladies do that! I love the colors of the blocks.

  3. An old fashioned quilting bee for a good cause.

  4. I love quilts!!!! I have a favorite that I snuggle under every day!

  5. What a wonderful time of fellowship!


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