Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ten in the Bible

It's February and it seems that we are just getting back to full speed with our homeschooling. The good thing is that whether you are intentional or not, learning takes place. I am getting much better about seizing the moments and using them for teaching opportunities and character building.

Today for our spiritual math lesson we went over the number 10 in the Bible. I started out by asking the kids what stories or instances in the Bible they can think of that use the number 10. At first they looked at me with a blank stare and then my daughter yelled out "The 10 Commandments!" like she had found gold. LOL I mentioned the 10 virgins and then my daughter mentioned the lady that had 10 coins and lost one. For some reason in my mind she had 2 coins, but my daughter looked it up and sure enough it was 10.

This moment makes me proud, one because I know they are really paying attention, and two it's actually sinking in.


  1. LOL...As the children grow up...mine have gotten smarter than I am. I don't deny it. God says knowledge shall be increased. And it is true...and it shows.{smile}

  2. Isn't it a blessing when children show that they really have been paying attention? Makes my job an even greater joy.


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