Friday, March 26, 2010

Sew Crafty Friday-Quilt Squares

This week I am working on quilt squares for my homeschool group's quilt. Several ladies are making squares. We will each get a square and make our own quilt. I'm excited. This square has not yet been sewn together. I just laid it out. I cut out all my strips, but need to finish cutting the individual squares. Then I will sew them all together!

Have you been crafty this week? What are you working on. To see more crafty projects, visit Shereen at Waiting for Him.


  1. I always think it is so neat when several people get together to make a quilt. It makes them extra special.

  2. Does rearranging your furniture count? I haven't had the energy for crafts these days.

  3. Your quilt block is beautiful, Yolanda! I love the colors. Your blocks will go nicely with the ones that have already arrived!

    Happy stitching!

  4. Nanci-yes I am very excited about seeing the other squares.

    Rona-LOl yes, rearranging furniture can give a whole new look!

    La Tea Dah-Thanks! I have 10 done so far. Moving along quite nicely


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