Monday, January 31, 2011

40 Day Challenge update

We are half way through our 40 day challenge and I must say that I can see God's hand working with us. The car is still clean! I even got a comment from one of my neighbors on how nice it looked. WOW!!

The kitchen is taking shape and is clean most of the time. I have a new work schedule and so I am adjusting to it, but otherwise things are going well. I am getting back into the habit of planning out my meals. This helps with grocery shopping as well as having meals on time. One habit that I am working on is cleaning out my refrigerator before going to the grocery store. This helps in SO many ways. It helps me know what's in my refrigerator and it helps to cut down on wasted food. Sometimes I just forget what is in there, but cleaning on a weekly basis helps to eliminate the science projects that tend to grow in the fridge! :-

On to the bedroom, now this is an area that I really need some serious deliverance from. My room is mess MOST of the time. I just don't understand it. It's almost like I find comfort in the mess or something?! At any rate. I have broken my room up into zones and it works so much better than trying to tackle the whole thing at once.

One thing that I found is that I am really bad at putting things away. So I am working on the habit of always putting things back after I use them. There's no telling what you might find on my bed, from cookbooks, to calculators, to notebooks. Even my Bible has been known to wind up on the floor because I just lay it next to me after reading it. :-/

Even though we have a way to go we are definitely making progress. I am confident that God who has begun this work in me will finish it!!


  1. I'd be interested in knowing how you break your room up into zones. Mine is always a mess too.


  2. I count the closet as one zone and then I take my room itself and divide it into 4 sections. I divide the room down the middle and then cut that section in half. Each section becomes a zone. I generally focus on one section in the zone. So for example, 1 zone includes my nightstand. I may focus on just making sure there is nothing on my nightstand that shouldn't be there. Today I focused on my chest of drawers which is in a different zone.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Wow! You're working on some great habits. I'm sure it's inspiring to see results already. :D

  4. It is so very inspiring. I still get down sometimes, because I'm not where I know I should be, but I'm so excited that I can see that I will be there some day!

  5. Way to go! Have things tidy sure makes a Mama happy. Glad that this challenge is beneficial. Like how you break the room into zones, great idea!

  6. So glad to read of your progress with the 40 day challenge.

    This is very helpful info.

    Thanks for sharing.


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