Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The end of the 1st 40 days

Our first 40 days is up and I must say that I am pleased with the results. It was great only concentrating on one thing and what was even more wonderful was getting into a clean car! No more shuffling papers around when I have to pick someone up for church. :-)

Now we are on to the next 40 day challenge. This time I am concentrating on my kitchen. The general theme in all areas of the house is to leave a room the way you found it with the focus on Christ and His grave clothes. Before He left the tomb, He folded them up neatly even placing the napkin in a separate place, so before we leave any room, we should leave it neat and tidy.

Whenever I leave the kitchen, especially after mealtime, it should be clean. What a new concept this has been for me, but it is amazing how the Spirit is leading and how He speaks to me and prompts me to help me keep things in order!

I don't know what God has in store for me, but I believe He is using attention to little things to prepare me for greater things.

I can't wait to see what the next 40 days holds!!


  1. Woohoo! Great job! :D Was it hard working on more than one area at a time?

    I love that example of Jesus folding His grave clothes. I first read it in Desire of Ages and was surprised to see how something so small mattered to God. It's a great example.

    Good luck with your next 40 days!

  2. It was a challenge to focus on more than one area at a time so I chose to focus on the car for the first 40 days. What I noticed was that focusing on that one area overflowed into my thoughts towards other areas, even though I wasn't necessarily focused on them.

    What I am trying to focus on most is the underlying principle of order and how Christ was orderly in everything He did! Even when He fed the multitudes they had to sit in order. Wow. I am learning so much

  3. I admire you. I still struggle with this. I have 6 kids though which makes it really hard. I try to get them to help out too but getting their cooperation can prove difficult more often than not. I get really overwhelmed with the daunting to do list waiting me each day. I agree though. God wants us to put our homes in order, and I am working on it.. one baby step at a time! today we have focused on cleaning/lifeskills with our homeschooling

  4. April,

    You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! I understand how you are feeling. I was fussing at my kids for their rooms being a mess and my room was a mess! God showed me that I can't teach what I'm not living. So if I want my kids to keep a clean room, I need to model a clean room.

    Establish a routine of cleaning with your kids. It won't be easy, but it is possible. Pray with them and let them understand that God is a God of order. Show them examples of how God is orderly and then pray some more! I will be praying as well. Please let me know how things are going with you.

    Thanks for stopping by


  5. How exciting to hear of your progress. I can appreciate your words about asking the children to keep their rooms clean when my own is a mess! I must learn to lead by example.


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