Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bible Reading Plan

I especially love the Bible Reading Plan that I am using because it begins with the New Testament and only involves reading a few chapters a day. I love beginning with the New Testament because of all the stories and miracles of Jesus. I am able to "see" Him in action and really get to know Him as a person. So if you have tried over and over to read the Bible through and just can't seem to make it past Leviticus, try starting with the New Testament first.

I believe that reading through the Bible is important because when I'm just studying I tend to not read certain books or I just tend to skip certain parts of the Bible, partly because I'm just not all that familiar with what is in them.

Reading through the Bible on a regular basis helps me to become more familiar with the parts I don't know well and it creates a great habit. It also doesn't take long to read a few chapters and with the Bible on audio I can listen even while I am doing something else. I often like to listen as I am reading, especially when I come across difficult words. Alexander Scourby is my favorite when it comes to listening. He seems to have a special ability to make the word come alive.

My prayer is that as I read God's word and search for Him with all my heart, that my heart will be changed into His likeness. Happy reading.

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  1. By beholding we become changed. If we do our part, the transformation will come. Amen!


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