Monday, December 3, 2012

Case Dismissed!

In November of 2011, I received a speeding ticket.  I was accused of going 57 in a 45 m/h zone.  I was quite puzzled when the officer pulled me over, but  I graciously took the ticket nonetheless.  It was my intention to pay the ticket immediately.  I wasn't eligible for a driving course, because I had gotten a ticket just a month before for speeding through a school zone.  The sun was high that day, and I honestly did not see the school lights flashing, so I wasn't "speeding" per se, but with the lights on, doing the normal speed is considering speeding.  I took the class which was much less than my ticket, but was still money that I could have used for something else.

In November of last year, my mom had knee surgery, so I went home for a month.  I sent the payment for my ticket from Florida.  When I got home in January, my money order had been returned because my ticket had not yet been entered into the system.  That was the first time I tried to pay it.  I went into the courthouse and tried to pay it again, but the clerk would not accept it. Why? Because it still had not been entered into the system.  They were about 3 months behind on processing all the tickets. So I waited and went a 3rd time to try to pay the ticket.  Guess what?  Two day prior, my money order had expired and the clerk would not accept it.  You have got to be joking.  Three times on three separate occasions, I tried to pay this ticket.  I took this as a sign from God that the ticket was not to be paid. So I entered a plea of not guilty and waited for my court date.

One day, I'm driving along the same route where I had gotten my ticket and notice that the speed limit is 55!   I took a video from my house to the spot in question to show when I went to court.  When I met with the court's lawyer, he agreed that the current speed limit was 55, but suggested that at the time of my ticket, it was 45 due to construction.  He requested a copy of the officer's video (which should show the speed limit) and scheduled for me to come back.

I contacted the Department of Transportation, because I wanted to know exactly when the speed limit sign had been changed.  The guy I spoke with on the phone was very nice and sent me all the paperwork that I needed.  It seems that there was a 45 mph sign still posted in error on one side of the street.  He didn't know which one and the documents didn't state it clearly.  At any rate, even if the 45 mph sign were still there, I had not yet reached that zone before the officer pulled me over.

I showed up to court for the second time.  The lawyer played the officer's video and it shows that the speed limit sign was actually covered which makes perfect sense, because it wasn't supposed to be there.  Based on that and the documents that I had from the DOT, he dismissed my case!

Thank you Lord for not letting me pay that ticket, and for giving me the idea to contact the DOT.  What an amazing God we serve.


  1. Wow!! That is the biggest hassle I've ever heard of trying to pay or resolve a speeding ticket. I'm so glad God took care of it and that you didn't have to pay it!


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