Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Keeping a Prayer Journal

As the close of another year approaches, I have been doing some thinking about how this year has gone and habits that I would like to implement or improve upon for next year.  One thing that I would like to get back to is keeping a prayer journal.  In my prayer journal, I write down the things that I am need of (both spiritual and physical). I write things that I am always in need of (such as surrender, and diligence) and specific things that I need at that time (such as an issue with my car).  I write prayers for my husband as well as my children and other family members.  If I talk to a friend that has an issue or if I meet someone, I write down the things that they ask me to pray for.  Otherwise, it becomes a habit to say “I’ll pray about it”.  I do pray at that moment and maybe even sometime later, but if I don’t write it down, it’s not likely that I will remember.  I ask them to let me know when their request is answered and then make a note of that next to the prayer request.

Here are a couple of my favorite Bible verses and a couple of quotes related to prayer:

Pray without ceasing.  (Thessalonians 5:17)

Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known unto God.  Phillipians 4:6

  Prayer is the breath of the soul. It is the secret of spiritual power. No other means of grace can be substituted, and the health of the soul be preserved. Prayer brings the heart into immediate contact with the Well-spring of life, and strengthens the sinew and muscle of the religious experience.  {HP 83.5} 

 “For the pardon of sin, for the Holy Spirit, for a Christlike temper, for wisdom and strength to do His work, for any gift He has promised, we may ask; and the promise is ‘Ye shall receive’.” AA 564

These verses and quotes are written in the inside and back cover of my journal.  I add others as I come across this for easy reference and motivation.

Do you keep a prayer journal? Please share your system/method.

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  1. I love my Prayer Journal as well! It helps keep me organized, encourages me when I review answered prayers, and as you already mentioned, helps me remember to really pray for people instead of saying I am going to but then forgetting!


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