Thursday, November 29, 2007

Homeschool Update-Finishing up Lesson 2

We are almost done with Lesson Two which focuses on Diligence. This Sunday we will make a papier mache globe to wrap up our history study of the earth and perform a gravity experiment which includes standing on a stool and trying to drop cotton balls into a can.

For Language we are studying about our Bible. We are learning how to take care of our Bible, who wrote the Bible, what the names of the books of the Bible mean and how to be diligent in personal Bible study and then share what we learned during Family Worship.

The final thing that we will learn in lesson 2 is the care of our voice. Our voice is an instrument-a tool. And just like tools must be properly taken care of, so must our voices. One of the most interesting things I read is how closely diet is connected to the voice. Certainly we know that it is true that smoking affects the voice (smokers often have deep raspy voices), but never have I truly considered the effects of diet on the voice.

Nature shows that the birds with the most beautiful and melodious voices are vegetarians who eat only fruits, grains and nuts. Nearly all birds that eat meat croak, scream or cry but do not sing. Absolutely Amazing! What an inspiration.

We should be completely finished with this lesson by this weekend. On to lesson 3. YAY!!!

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