Monday, March 31, 2008

Empowered Living Ministries Camp Meeting

This weekend my family and I attended a Camp Meeting held by Empowered Living Ministries. We didn't camp out because the site was about 45 minutes from our home. In hind sight I am wishing that we had because the camping and being away from home for a few days is a part of the experience.

Jim Hohnberger, the founder of the ministry, preaches the basic gospel message-a surrendered life in Christ. No matter what denomination you are, this family camp is for you.

He gave his personal testimony of living the "rat race"-having fancy cars (he had 5!), a nice house and a fat bank account. All of this and his life was not full. His marriage was on the rocks and his children barely knew him.

Check the website to see if there is a meeting coming near you and if at all possible, go! And even if you can't make it you can still do an inventory of your life. Are you really a Christian? Even at home? If someone video taped your home life and played it at church, would you be ashamed?

If you would be, and Lord knows there are times in my life when I would be, don't despair! Jesus paid it all and invites you to allow Him to take control of your life!

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  1. What a blessing that your family was able to attend. I have been so inspired by both Jim and Sally's books! The camp meeting was orginally scheduled to be at Lone Star, and I was so excited because I missed it when it was at Lone Star last year. They will be near my sister in Georgia later this summer, I might try to attend with her.


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