Monday, July 21, 2008

Garden Update

Our garden is coming along nicely. I am needing to learn how to move plants when they appear to be crowding each other. I moved a few of the bean plants and seem to have damaged them. One of them is still growing nicely, and another one has a flower on it.tha Not sure if that is normal or not. I guess we will find out shortly. :-)

My daughter planted some seems in a couple of pots and after a windy day they ended up in the grass next to the patio. a few weeks later we noticed some sprouts that we knew were definitely grass and now we have this. It hasn't bloomed yet so we don't know what it is, but it looks like it's going to be fabulous! Behind that you can see my hanging basket, which I took down because the birds at my sprouts! I planted some more and they have sprouted up already. We will see if they make it this time.

Our sunflower is doing fabulously. I love how they seem to have such personality. It seems so confident; such a leader. I feel like I need to give it a name.
The zucchini plants are doing nicely as well and I have another plant that I have yet to figure out what it is. I guess that's what happens when you don't label them! There was a time in my life (Before Kids and life), that I just would have remembered. I'm trying not to embrace the fact that those days are gone, but I guess I need to so I can remember what I'm growing! Thank God ye shall know them by their fruits. :-)
So no harvest to report yet, but it sure has been a lot of fun watching everything grow.


  1. Your plants look awesome! I wish I didn't live in an apartment and could have a garden! :)

  2. Thanks! If you have a small patio space, you could do a small pot garden. Tomatoes and all kinds of flowers grow nicely in pots. I've even seen strawberries grown in pots.

  3. The flower on the bean plant is a good thing, that means a bean pod will soon follow!

    I had several plants in my garden this year that I forgot what I had planted. Even after it started growing, I was clueless until I found the seed package in the garage! Yep, in my BK life (before kids), I could remember lots of things!

  4. Squarefoot Gardening is lookin' good!!!

  5. THAT IS SO FUNNY! I too have a cornstalk looking plant in my yard that I can't Identify. I know we didn't plant it so I guess we will have to wait and see.

  6. Ann, I was thinking that the flower might be a good thing, so I'm happy to hear you say that it is!

    Christina, Thanks!

    Mama, that is hilarious. Please let me know what yours is when you find out. :-)


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