Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kickin It Up a Notch

I have been using this summer to "Kick it up a notch". By that I mean that I am working on revamping our scheduling (changing the things that haven't been working and replacing them with things that do) and making sure that I am actually spending time with my kids and not just being at home with them. There really is a huge difference.

I am learning to truly commit my plans to God each morning. It sounds so easy. If God is wise and all knowing, why would I hesitate to commit all of my plans to Him. Anyone who has tried it, knows that it is easier said than done, especially for those of us who belong to a generation of planners. We even have careers that are centered around planning. Plan, plan, plan...as long as I have it all planned out everything will go smoothly, right? Well, I am finding that this is not always the case and even in the event that it does go the way that I planned it, is it what God would have planned? Now that's the real question!

So I am learning day by day to surrender my plans to Him to make my home a reflection of the pattern of heaven. What does my home say about my faith? Is it a place where the angels love to dwell? Is it orderly? Is it a place where unkind words seem terribly out of place? Does love abound and grace much more abound?

Well I can honestly say that I am not yet able to answer yes to all of these questions, but by the Grace of God I am Kickin it up a notch!!


  1. We're on the same page! I've been thinking about how I'm letting my children down by not giving them enough structure to their day. We all need the self-discipline that more structure will give. Also, I need to be more child-centered in some of my attitudes and habits. I'm sorta a free spirit, so this is a struggle for me. But the Lord has convicted me, so I'm gonna try!

  2. Ann, I am a free spirit of sorts as well. I thought structure is definitely not for me. But God is showing me that He is a God of order and He does expect me to have some order in my life! I can be flexible, but it needs to have some structure in there! :-)


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