Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Financial Blessing Challenge Update

Today is Day 4 of the Financial Blessing Challenge (see previous post) and already the $100 given to me has doubled to $200. One of church members says that the Holy Spirit impressed her to give it to me. Wow. My "talent" has doubled already and I have no clue how it's going to be used!

During the second church service, when my daughter agreed to be involved with blessing someone, I had a thought of knitting or crocheting hats for the babies at the children's hospital that is close to our church. When I asked her if she had an idea of what she wanted to do with the money, she said she wanted to find a nice charity in the area to give it to. So maybe the knitting or crocheting of the hats was an idea for me.?

I'm feeling a bit of nervous excitement. I know that God is going to bless this tremendously and I'm anxious to see how!

Stay tuned! :-)


  1. Wow, I'm amazed at how quickly your money doubled! What an exciting challenge to be involved in.

  2. Ann, Isn't that amazing? I'm excited to see how much it grows!


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